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At the I.M.P office, they receive quite an odd assignment from their client, who looks like a cybernetic demon with glowing red eyes, and part of the organic skin is white with silver and black metal body.

"You want us to investigate your death and your killer?" Sarge questions.

"That's what I said. I'm pretty sure, it's one of the employees who did it, but I'm not sure which one," The client says.

"How could you not know?" Moxxie says, confused.

"It's hard to say. I mean, my mind was completely blank by the time I ended up here," The client says.

Then Blitz asks, "Can you tell us what happened?"

"Well, I'm actually one of the security guards of the amusem*nt park called Faunestia. It's a Wild Life Theme Park with rides, games, and even a wildlife preserve," The client says.

"I actually went there before. Last I heard, there's been a few disappearances going on around the park, none of the employees and customers who were missing were ever found," Blitz says.

"That's right," The client says, "It's been going on for at least five years now, but for the past couple of months, some of the bodies were turning up and their hearts have been ripped out of their bodies. I don't know if it's connected to the disappearances that's been happening, but something is really weird going on at the park, and it's on the verge of closing down because of the dead bodies being found near the wildlife preserve."

"Hmm, this is quite unusual," Moxxie says. He then asks, "You sure it's not one of the animals."

"We thought of it, but none of the animals has traces of blood, and from the looks of it, the attack doesn't seem to be human nor animal," The client says.

"What about you?" Sarge asks, "Is there anything you remember before you blacked out and ended up here?"

"Hmm…" The client thinks for a minute. He then explains, "Well, I remember making my rounds across the park for any intruders. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but I heard weird clunking sounds. Suddenly, I felt electricity on my body and my body began to move on its own. Everything went blank after that."

"I see," Sarge says, "Well, we'll do our best to solve this case."

"Thanks. I actually got to meet some of the other victims. Turns out one of them actually broke into the park and was one of the victims who had their heart ripped out. She didn't remember because it happened pretty fast, but she thinks she saw some kind of monster," The client says.

"A monster?" Randall and Drew reply confused.

"Well, she thought it was a monster, but she isn't sure. I just thought I should mention it before I forget," The client says.

"Well, we'll check this out as well and find your killer," Sarge says.

The client nods.

Shortly after, Sarge explains the details to everyone in the meeting room. Of course, the part about the possibility of a monster being involved, is rather unusual.

"A monster?" Razor questions.

Are they serious?" Barbie asks.

"That's correct," Sarge says.

"Well, I did hear about the disappearances that happened for five years, but this is the first about a monster being in the park. Which makes sense because he said it happened a few months ago," Blitz says.

Randall looks it up on his laptop himself, "Yep. I found an article that mentioned it. There doesn't seem to be a front page."

"However, the police are baffled because they were never able to find the bodies during the disappearances," Blitz says.

Velma looks at Randall's laptop to see the news and the photos.

"Hmm, from the looks of those photos, it looks like they were ripped out from their bodies, like literally," Velma says.

"sh*t, it looks like someone is mauled," Loona says.

Sarge then says, "Which brings me to decide. Randall, Drew, Velma, Moxxie, and Millie. You all will be in this assignment. There's a possibility we might be dealing with two different killers."

Blitz then says, "Maybe I should go. I don't know why, but from what the client explained about the incident from months ago, I can't help but feel that this is very familiar."

"Alright Blitz, but I suggest you all stick together, in case something happens," Sarge says.

Everyone nodes in agreement.

Soon, Loona opens the book and uses it to open the portal to the living world. The group in charge of the assignment, including Blitz, walk through the portal and find themselves in the front gates of the Faunestia Theme Park as they change into their human disguise. The front gate has a large door gate and the roof area has animals, including a large lion, tiger, bear, and orca. However, because the sun is setting, it's starting to get dark outside.

"I haven't been to this place in years," Blitz says.

"It looks kind of nice, but seems quiet," Velma says.

Moxxie notices something, "Look over there."

The group turns to see the sign that reads 'Closed', and 'Out of Business'.

"Guess the park is officially closed down," Blitz says.

"At least we won't have to worry about being spotted by someone," Millie says.

Randall walks to the gate, tries to open it, but it won't budge.

"Locked, and pretty tight too," Randall says.

Mille then steps forward, "Let me try," she then brings out her knife and notices the chain and lock on the gate. She then uses it to unlock the lock and removes the chain. She then opens the gate without a problem.

"There we go," Millie says.

"Good work, Millie," Drew says.

"We better get going," Velma says, "Although, I'm not really sure what we're looking for."

"Neither do I," Moxxie says.

Everyone then brings out their weapons and begins walking into the park to find any clues for the killings that's been happening here.

Velma looks around to see the rides, games, and statues around the area they're at.

"This place seems kind of spooky at night," Velma says.

"Yeah. There are so many different animal faces that it makes the place creepy at night," Randall says.

"Still, the client said that the incidents have been happening for five years, and he was one of the recent victims. Luckily, he gave us a specific spot where he lost control of his body," Moxxie says.

"Good to know because I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be looking for," Drew says, looking around the park.

"I have to wonder about it myself," Blitz says.

Then Millie asks, "Hey Blitz, what made you decide to come anyway?"

"I'm not sure," Blitz answers, "I don't know why, but the detail the client mentioned about the recent victims seems familiar to me. I just can't place my finger on it,"

"Really now?" Velma responds.

"Yeah. I felt like I'd heard of that incident before," Blitz says.

He then places his hand on his head, "But my memories were pretty fuzzy about the details."

"Well for now, we need to focus on finding this person and killing them. We also need to figure out how he managed to make these people disappear," Drew says.

Moxxie brings out the map he has of the park, "We shouldn't be too long."

Then turns to Blitz, "Blitz, do you know this location?"

Blitz looks at the map, "Yes. From the looks of it, it appears to be near the biology labs."

"This place has a lab?" Millie questions.

"Yeah. They use it to study animals and it also counts as a medical center for the animals here who get sick or need medical treatments. Some University students come here with school assignments for animal science, veterinary, things like that," Blitz explains.

Blitz looks ahead and points out, "In fact, it's that building over there."

The group looks to see a building that has a picture of a dog that is wearing a lab coat and as a stethoscope. The building is dark, but it can tell that it's a white building.

"The client said that it's around here when he started feeling weird. Asking for further detail," Moxxie says.

Soon, everyone reaches the spot where the client was last alive before he blacked out.

"Hmm, there doesn't seem to be anything here," Velma says.

"Yeah. There doesn't seem to be anything or anyone here," Randall says.

"There doesn't seem to be anyone or anything here," Drew says.

Unknown to anyone, the security camera that is well hidden turns to face Blitz, Drew, and the others.

At another location, there is a mysterious figure watching the camera and shows off an evil grin on their face.

The figure says, "Well, well, it looks like I've got more candidates for my little experiment. I'm sure my special little robots will love to meet new friends."

The figure lifts his hand and sends off electricity on the panel. Some of the monitors change to dark rooms and a strange door opens to reveal glowing red eyes. Then, heavy footsteps begin coming out of the rooms.

Back outside of the biology building, Blitz and the others begin looking around for anything that can lead to the deaths of the victims.

"Hmm, I don't see anything here," Millie says.

"This is strange. According to the client, some of the security guards who were also victims searched around here and didn't find any clues either," Moxxie says.

Velma and Drew look through the windows of the biology labs.

"Hmm, there doesn't seem to be anyone here," Velma says.

"No. It looks like it hasn't been touched since the place closed down, but plenty of equipment and tables are here," Drew says.

Randall scratches his head, "I can't seem to find anything."

"Me neither," Blitz says, "Hmm… it's strange that none of the bodies have been found in the past five years. And yet, for the past couple of months, the bodies end up showing up with their hearts being ripped out from their chests."

"And it's strange that nothing is left behind until now," Moxxie says.

"It's quite odd. And without much leads from the clients, we won't be able to…" Velma says.

But suddenly, Millie shushes everyone, "Shh, quiet. Do you hear something?"

Everyone walks to the others and remains quiet. Suddenly, they begin to hear a strange sound.

"What's that?" Moxxie whispers.

The group continues to hear a strange sound, almost something mechanical, and heavy.

"What's that, it sounds kind of mechanical…" Randall says, confused.

"And it sounds big," Velma says.

Drew grows concerned, "And it sounds like it's coming closer."

Everyone looks around to hear the mechanical noises are getting louder and it seems to be coming from all directions.

Velma turns around and gasps in shock, "Um guys, look over there!"

Everyone turns to see the glowing red eyes and a figure approaching them. To everyone's shock, they see an animatronic of a large lion standing on two feet.

"Is that a robot?" Randall asks.

They soon turn to the left to see another animatronic of a polar bear, a panda, and a crocodile. Then turns to the right a large wolf, a dog, a large eagle. They also turn behind them to see a panther, a large box, and even a large cat. Soon, everyone finds themselves surrounded by animatronic animals and some of them have sharp claws and weapons, and are very vicious. What's more, there are also a lot more robotic animals heading towards them.

"Oh sh*t," Randall says.

"That's a lot of robot animals," Blitz says.

"Well then, I have an axe with their name on it," Millie says and charges for the attack. However, the bear blocks the attack and knocks the axe off of Millie's hands. That sends it flying and gets stuck into the wall of the building.

Moxxie and Randall bring out their guns and fire at the robots, but the bullets aren't doing a thing.

"What the f*ck?" Moxxie asks, shocked.

"sh*t!" Randall says, shocked.

"Now what do we do?" Millie asks, stunned.

And with that, the robots charge at them.

"Run!" Velma cries out.

Everyone begins running off as fast as they can to get away from the robots, which are surprisingly fast for machines.

"f*ck, they're chasing after us!" Drew panics.

"And there's too many of them," Velma says.

"We need to find a way to lose them!" Moxxie cries out.

"It might help if we split up!" Blitz says.

"Then let's split up and get away from those psychos!" Randall cries out.

Soon, everyone begins to split up. Moxxie, Millie and Randall run to their left. Velma and Drew run off to the path forward. Blitz then runs off to the right. The robotic animals split up into different paths to chase the specific demons.

Still running in his direction, Blitz continues running as he is being chased by the robotic animals. Blitz knows that he needs to face the robots. He changes back to his original form, turns around and fires his powerful fire magic at them. The fire magic is so powerful and hot that the robotic animals have melted away into melted metal.

Blitz sighs in relief, "That was close."

Blitz soon turns around to see the entrance that his Habitat is on. He also notices inside there are different areas and there aren't many animals in there.

"This must be the park's wildlife preserve. This is where the other victims were found," Blitz says to himself.

Blitz then begins to wonder about it, and decides to go into the preservation area in order to get to the bottom of this mystery, and hope to shake off this concern he has.

Randall, Moxxie, and Millie begin running down the path as fast as they can as the robotic animals are chasing them.

"sh*t, they're still chasing us!" Randall cries out.

"And how can we beat them if our weapons don't work on them?" Millie asks.

"We need to figure something out," Moxxie says.

The three continue running down the path and soon reach a large roller coaster ride. They soon climb on the roller coaster cars and begin to ride on it. Randall then hot wires the controls and starts the cars for them to climb on. They ride the cars up the hill, but the robotic animals are behind them, and some manage to climb up.

"They're still chasing after us!" Millie cries out.

"What are we going to do?" Moxxie asks.

"At least we get to go on a cool ride," Randall says.

Moxxie rolls his eyes, "You and your interest for fun."

"Yeah, but maybe if we're lucky, the coaster can knock these machines off their circuits," Randall says.

With that, the roller coaster rides down the hill and begins to go up, down, around and begin loop de loop. Randall and the couple look to see the robots climbing towards them.

Mille angrily says, "That does it!"

"Millie, be careful!" Moxxie cries out.

Millie then jumps onto one of the robots and begins to go rabid on it. She begins tearing the robot to shreds and pulls its head off. Then throws it off the roller coaster. She then does the same with the other robots, tearing their body parts off and throwing them off the coaster and they hit the ground, shattering to pieces. Randall and Moxxie are shocked to see Millie tearing them apart on the ride. And soon enough, Millie jumps off the coaster as it reaches the station and begins to viciously break the robots piece by piece. Randall and Moxxie manage to jump off as they see Millie tear them to shred. Soon, all the robots are in pieces.

Randall whistles, "Damn, your wife is really boss."

"I agree," Moxxie says.

Millie takes deep breaths, holding the two pieces and is feeling tired.

"Millie, are you okay, honey?" Moxxie asks, worried.

Millie finally calms down and says, "Yeah. Just glad to get that over and done with."

"Now that all the robots are in pieces, let's see if we can find the others," Randall says.

"Maybe, but I have to wonder why they attacked us," Moxxie wonders. He thinks for a minute and wonders, "Maybe we're not the only ones in the park."

"Are you saying someone sent those things after us?" Randall asks.

"Maybe, the question is, where?" Millie asks.

"For now, we need to find the others, but we also need to find our target," Moxxie says.

"What do we do then?" Randall asks.

Then Moxxie has an idea, "Randall, you need to make yourself invisible and explore the entire park. Millie and I are going to look for Blitz and the others. Text us if you see anything suspicious or find the target."

"Got it, Mox," Randall says.

He makes himself invisible and begins to explore around the park to find the target or any clues.

And with that, Moxxie and Millie rush off to find Drew and Velma.

At another part of the park, Drew and Velma continue running for their lives from the robotic animals. They soon begin reaching another water ride called the tunnel of love. They soon run inside with the robotic animals heading. They run along the low water as the animatronics are steering clear of it from the sidelines. Velma turns her head to see the robots keeping their distance.

Velma stops and says, "Drew, look!"

Drew stops and sees the robots aren't following them into the water. One of them ends up slipping, falls into the water and gets electrocuted in the water.

"Looks like they can't get into the water," Drew says.

Then Velma has an idea, "Then we can use it to our advantage."

"I know what you're saying," Drew says with a smirk.

Drew changes back to his original form and uses his tail to grab onto the bear robot's neck. Then he pulls the bear into the water causing it to short circuit. Velma does the same with the eagle, only she swings it along the water, splashing the other robots. That causes them to get electrocuted and fall over into the water, soak and wet.

"That was close," Drew says, relieved.

"Yes. It was," Velma says.

Velma looks around to see some of the decor of the ride still remains, the hearts, the couples, the cupid, and the romantic atmosphere.

"Even though the place is closed off and such, I think it's still nice," Velma says.

Drew smiles and says, "Yeah. I think it's really nice."

Drew soon remembers the reason they're here and says, "Let's focus on finding the others. Okay."

"Good point," Velma says.

The pair then take their leave from the ride to find the others.

Somewhere around the park, Randall is still invisible and trying to find any clue. He soon finds himself back at the biology lab, and notices one of the lights on the upper floors is lit.

"That's odd. That wasn't on a while ago," Randall says to himself.

Randall then begins to investigate it. He scales upm the wall and soon peeks inside to see a shocking sight. What he sees are arms, legs, hands, and other body parts, even organs are kept in some jars or bowls. Randall feels very sick to his stomach. It's really disgusting, even from demon's standards.

Suddenly, Randall hears a voice, "Well, my robots were able to keep them busy long enough for me to continue with my plans."

He turns to see a bald man with goggles over his eyes. He has pale skin, and wears a lab coat and gloves. Along with black shoes, and dark brown pants under it. He also appears to be wearing a black shirt with a red tie underneath.

He says, "Just a few more nights and I'll be able to have enough body parts to send to the black market."

Just then, he changes form to reveal some kind of fish creature, almost like an eel, and he has an eel tail at his tailbone as well. He is a brownish orange color with glowing yellow eyes and sharp teeth. He also has webbed hands and feet.

"All the demons will be hungry for some fresh human meat," The demon says with a sinister grin on his face.

Randall is shocked to see that the one behind the disappearances is a demon himself, and is hunting humans for his own gain, which explains why the bodies have never been found.

Meanwhile, at another part of the park, Blitz searches around the wildlife preserve to find any clues to the disappearance. Blitz uses his flashlight to search around for any clues and the others.

"This place is so dark. I can barely see a thing," Blitz says to himself.

Blitz continues searching around and soon spots something shocking. He spots an arm sticking out of the bushes.

"What the…" Blitz responds shocked, and decides to take a look.

Unknown to Blitz, something or someone spots him from the trees above.

Blitz looks through the bushes and is shocked to see the corpse of a woman, still bleeding and her chest has a hole on it. Blitz realizes that she must be another victim, and judging by the freshness of the blood and how the body looks, he suspects that it's not too long since she's been attacked. And also, judging by the clothes, she seems to be a former employee. Blitz looks at the body and there doesn't seem to be any sign of a struggle and notices something on the right side of her neck. Blitz kneels down for a closer look, unaware that something long and scaly is coming down towards him. Examining the woman, Blitz sees a bite mark on her neck.

"A bite mark," Blitz questions. And then notices something on the woman's skin.

He picks it up to see, "Is this, shedded skin."

Then something clicks in him, "Wait a minute, hearts being ripped out, fang-like bite marks, snake scales, and how it happens only at night and only happens at the wildlife preserve…" Then Blitz eyes wide in shock and realization.

He then grows very uneasy, "It… it can't be… he shouldn't be able to get here…" Blitz then reaches inside his pocket and brings out his phone, "I need to let the others know that he's here…"

But before he can finish, something wraps around his mouth. Blitz struggles and screams, but the thing is too tight. He feels scales and feels it slithering down his body, pinning his arms to the side, and making him drop his phone. Then Blitz feels pressure around him, and soon loses consciousness as the thing pulls Blitz up without a struggle from him. Then the figure who has captured Blitz pulls him up to see him.

The being smirk and says, "Well well, this issss a pleassent surprise. I certainly didn't expect to see you again…" and then the being comes out of the darkness to reveal himself as Nag, the demonic naga like demon, "Blitz, my delectable Earthling Imp," and licks his lips with his fork-like tongue.

The Human Hearted Imp - Chapter 107 - PinkiePieSweets (2024)
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