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Something that confused me was the anxiety that everyone seemed to feel around this. Had they not been in gunfights before? I mean, my job was literally to kill people and that's easy as sh*t. I couldn't imagine that killing demons was much harder. Sure, it'd be on a bigger scale, but I'd never been nervous when going to the living world to kill people.

"Oh, we'll all be fine," I said.

"If that helps you sleep, then say whatever you gotta say," Volatile commented.

We continued to talk about Angel Dust for the next hour or so before the topic shifted. The whole while Y/n was mostly quiet, being hyper-focused on his gun.

After a few hours, Octavia had fallen asleep in the armchair, With Volatile falling asleep as well shortly after.

Checking the time on my phone, I saw that it was one in the morning. I looked over at the desk to see that Y/n was still hard at work on his gun.

I got up and walked over to him, sitting on the bed that was next to the desk.

"When're you planning to go to sleep?" I asked, yawning as I realized just how tired I felt.

"I'm not," He replied in a blank, seemingly annoyed tone. With anyone else, I'd get irritated with them, but with Y/n I knew he was just very focused on what he was doing.

"The f*ck do you mean you're not?" I quietly questioned, making sure to not disturb Octavia. I could care less if Volatile was woken up.

"I gotta finish putting this assault rifle together, then put my sidearm together, and finally get my gear together. I also have to make sure the scout vehicle is all fueled up and ready to go," He explained, staying focused on his work.

"No, you need your sleep," I protested.

"I plan to sleep while Moxxie or Millie drives tomorrow," He argued. I could tell based on his tone that this was something I wouldn't be beating him on.

"f*ck you. Fine, I'll stay up then," I shot back.

"If you wish," He replied.

I got fully on the bed and laid back, scrolling through Sinstagram on my phone to keep me entertained while Y/n worked. I wish I could say that I stayed up all night with him, but in reality, I think I only lasted five or ten minutes before blacking out.

The sun shone through the windows of the guest room and onto my eyes, waking me up. A blanket had been placed over my body, which I removed as I sat up in bed.

I looked over at the desk to see that Y/n was gone, though he had left a pile of guns that had various parts missing. Volatile and Octavia were also gone.

"That motherf*cker wouldn't dare leave without saying goodbye to me," I angrily said as I jumped out of bed and left the room.

Sniffing the air, I quickly caught Y/n's unmistakable scent. After which, I dashed out of the guest room and sprinted on all fours through the halls of the palace.

I saw Blitzø come around a corner and, not having enough time to react and slow down, slammed into him.

"Ow, f*ck!" Blitzø said, pushing himself up to his feet.

"Are you okay Loony?" He asked, pulling me up and looking me over for any serious injuries.

I didn't reply, rather, the second I got up to my feet I continued down the palace halls, following Y/n's scent.

Eventually, the trail led me to the garage of the palace. It was a huge room, the biggest room I'd ever been in. Inside the garage were several different types of vehicles, some troop transports, dropships, scout vehicles, etc.

I scanned the room for Y/n, spotting him talking with Moxxie and Millie on the other side of the room. He wore full body armor, so the only way I could tell that was him, was because of his tail's fur color and the fact he was talking with M&M.

Dashing across the room, I pounced on Y/n, pinning him to the ground underneath me.

"Ah!!" He yelped in surprise. I ripped the helmet he was wearing off his head so I could see his face.

"You little f*cking bitch! Were you really gonna leave without saying goodbye?!" I shouted, keeping him firmly pinned underneath him.

"N-no! I was gonna come wake you up," He pleaded, looking up at me with fearful eyes.

"Are you lying?!" I asked, moving one hand to his throat.

"N-no!" He replied. I began

"Are you?!" I questioned further, beginning to lightly choke him.

"N-no L-Loona!" He replied and let out a tiny whimper.

Our gazes locked and I narrowed my eyes, scanning for any hint of dishonesty. I tightened the choke ever so slightly more, before letting out a sigh of satisfaction and letting go.

"Good boy," I said, getting off him.

"And I thought you were dominant," Moxxie whispered to Millie.

I held out my hand to Y/n, who took it. When he did, I helped him up to his feet. Once he was up to his feet, I got a good look at his outfit. I couldn't lie, it was pretty cool.

He wore a tactical vest that held three thirty-round magazines, and two pistol magazines. It also featured a holster that held a suppressed sidearm.

Underneath the vest, he wore an all-black Crye assault ghillie jacket with black tactical gloves that protected his knuckles. Around his neck, he wore a black neck gaiter that sat overtop the straps of the backpack full of supplies he would need to carry.

His angelic revolver was held in a holster strapped to black pants with knee pads. Finally, in his hands, he held a tactical helmet that would cover his whole face.

"How much longer until you're gonna be leaving?" I asked.

"Well, I was gonna come get you up to say goodbye, but then we'd be leaving," He answered.

"Got it. Well, hug and kiss before you go?" I offered, outstretching my arms to give him a hug.

He nodded and accepted my loving embrace. It was hard to fully get my arms around him with all the gear he had on, but I managed.

After holding the embrace for a moment, we separated and kissed. With how I'd been feeling, it'd been a while since we kissed eachother on the lips, but I'd been feeling better lately. Plus, I wouldn't see or talk to him for some time, so f*ck it.

Pulling from the kiss, he gave me a loving smile, which I returned. The doors to the scout vehicle opened as Moxxie and Millie got into the truck and started it.

"I love you," Y/n said, keeping our gaze locked.

"I love you too," I replied.

He then turned and walked to the vehicle, putting his helmet on and getting into the back. One of the massive garage doors opened and they drove away.

The next time I'd see him would be in the throne room of the Scarlet King.

King Slayer (Loona X Male Reader) - Preparations - Page 14 (2024)
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