Vinay Bhagat - Founder & CEO of TrustRadius - Hinge Marketing (2024)

Vinay Bhagat is a successful founder & CEO with experience growing a business to $100 million and 450 employees from the ground up.

Key notes from the interview:

– 55% of B2B buyers rely on reviews
– Research shows a year-over-year decline in trust of marketing-produced content
– There are three responsibilities of leaders: 1) build a solid first team, 2) chart the course and resources, and 3) build the right culture
– Vinay established a cultural framework around TRUTH (Trasparent, respectful, unstoppable, team player, human)

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Technology entrepreneur with a passion for taking on important challenges. Vinay is the Founder and CEO of TrustRadius, a customer voice platform which helps professionals research B2B technology products and services, and helps vendors accelerate demand and sales, and deliver stronger products.

Vinay’s first venture, Convio became the leading provider of SAAS solutions to the nonprofit sector.. Convio raised billions of dollars online for charities, scaled to over $80m revenue, 450 employees, went public on Nasdaq in 2010 and was acquired for $325m in May 2012.

Vinay Bhagat - Founder & CEO of TrustRadius - Hinge Marketing (2024)
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