ROUSH Performance | 2022 Ford F-150 Off Road | Gaudin Ford (2024)

2022 ROUSH F-150

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Engineered For Adventure

Introducing the 2022 ROUSH F-150! For the 2022 model year, we’ve given this truck a new look. The ‘22 ROUSH F-150 features a new ROUSH High-Flow Front Grille withintegrated accent lighting, fender flares with clearance lighting, optional color-matched fender flares, ROUSH heat-extracting hood vents, graphics and much more!

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Rugged and Refined

For 2022, we will continue building from the 302A XLT or 502A Lariat Ford F-150 chassis with your choice of 9 exterior color options. On the front of the 2022 ROUSH F-150 you'll notice a refined ROUSH Front Grille with integrated lighting at the top. The front grille is painted Satin Black to match the rest of the exterior components on the ROUSH F-150. Clearance lighting has been added to the upper portion of the grille. Moving to the hood, we have added a set of ROUSH heat-extracting hood vents. The vents are painted in a Satin Black finish and allow heat to escape the engine compartment. As you work your way around the side of the 2022 ROUSH F-150, you’ll see a new set of ROUSH Fender Flares painted in Satin Black to match the front grille and other exterior components. The Satin Black flares come as standard components but can be optioned with color-matched fender flares on select exterior color options*. The ROUSH Fender Badging has also been refreshed and we’ve added a new fender vent in the factory location to not disrupt the body lines. It also maintains the factory heat extraction that allows heat to escape the engine compartment.

Conquer Any Path

Underneath the 2022 ROUSH F-150, we’ve equipped a set of 20-inch Iridium Gray Satin Wheels. The design of the wheel was created with a balance of style, strength, and character. This wheel features a strengthened outer rim area to instill confidence when you find yourself in an off-road scenario. We kept the center section, of the wheel, open for maximum airflow to cool the brakes. A set of 33-inch General Tire Grabber A/TX tires pairs perfectly with our ROUSH-designed wheels. The Grabber A/TX is an aggressive all-terrain tire, providing exceptional off-road capability, durability and on-road comfort for everyday use. Featuring a low-noise profile with exceptional off-road traction, the General Grabber A/TX proves its performance in year-round use, gaining the endorsem*nt for snow use as displayed in the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. To round out the off-road capabilities of the 2022 ROUSH F-150, we’ve added a ROUSH Performance Coil-Over Suspension System that levels the ROUSH F-150 to give it an aggressive stance. Also underneath the 2022 ROUSH F-150 is the ROUSH Performance Exhaust System. An optional Active Exhaust upgrade allows you to open or close the exhaust depending on what your driving style is.

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Make It Your Own

The new Power Dome Graphics package adds a muscular look to the hood of our latest truck while satin black accents highlight Ford's factory lines. A set of ROUSH Heat-Extracting Hood Vents gives the ROUSH F-150 a more aggressive appearance while allowing heat to escape the engine compartment. Satin Black hood graphics are applied underneath the heat extractors as well. Other graphics include the ROUSH front banner. Updated for this year's model, the front banner isn't mounted on the windshield but just above the windshield to not interfere with the factory sensors. On the tailgate, you'll find a ROUSH Tailgate Graphic in Satin Black. An optional ROUSH Accent Graphics Package is also available to set your ROUSH F-150 apart from the crowd.

Unique Interior Options

On the inside, we offer two different leather interior options when you opt for the ROUSH Premium Leather Package. 2022 ROUSH F-150's built on the XLT chassis receive two-tone gray and black leather seating. While the Lariat chassis receives an all-black leather interior that flows with the factory Vintage Carmine interior accents. Both leather interior options include an embroidered ROUSH logo on each headrest. Also included with the ROUSH Premium Leather Package are subtle tags on the seating, such as a Square "R" and an American Flag tag.

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ROUSH Package

Standard Package Components

+ ROUSH Signature High-flow Grille with integrated lighting
+Custom Front Bumper Cover with Tow Hook Pockets
+ Fender Flares
+ ROUSH / Fox 2.0 Performance Coil-over Suspension System
+ ROUSH Performance Exhaust System (Active Upgrade Available)
+ 20-inch Iridium Gray ROUSH Off-Road Wheels
+ 33-inch General Grabber A/TX All-terrain Tires
+ ROUSH Fender Badges
+ Rear Tailgate Clearance Lighting

+ ROUSH Pedals (Late Availability)
+ ROUSH Dash Gauges
+ Serialized Dash Badge
+ ROUSH Molded Floor Liners (FR./RR.) By Weathertech®
+ R Key Fobs
+ Wheel Lock Kit
+ All-weather "R" Hitch Cover
+ Certificate Of Authenticity
+ ROUSH Graphics Package:
ROUSH Front Banner
Jack Roush Signature Graphic
ROUSH Door Graphics
ROUSH Tailgate Graphic

Optional Upgrades

+ ROUSH Body Color-Matched Fender Flares With Accent Lighting (*select colors only)
+ ROUSH Performance Active Exhaust System

+ ROUSH Premium Leather Package + ROUSH Ready Package: Center Console Vault & Off Road Utility Kit
+ ROUSH Accent Graphic Package - Black

Limited Warranty

At ROUSH Performance, it's not enough to deliver heart-pounding performance, unparalleled refinement, and off-road ability. We take a step further and back-up the 2022 ROUSH F-150 with an industry-leading 3-year, 36,000-mile limited warranty to show you that we’re with you no matter where the road takes you. Our vehicles are rigorously engineered and tested to prevent issues down the road, but should they occur, you can rest assured in knowing that we're here to help.

ROUSH Performance | 2022 Ford F-150 Off Road | Gaudin Ford (2024)
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