2013 Ram 1500 hemi short bed diesel for sale by owner - Fort Myers, FL - craigslist (2024)

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2013 Ram 1500 hemi short bed diesel for sale by owner - Fort Myers, FL - craigslist (1)

2013 Ram 1500 hemi short bed

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Take out a second to read the entire posting. Before you call me, I'm not trying to be rude. I'm looking for a quick simple cash sale. Need it out of the driveway because it belongs to my neighbor and I'm selling it for him and the whole story on the truck will be posted right here, so hopefully I'll answer all your questions. Let me be straight out of the gate when I say the asking price is absolutely positively. 100% firm on $9000 and no negotiating as the Kelly blue book, private party value in good condition without all the custom upgrades is just around $14000 and you won't find another SLT model. Short bed single cab hemi anywhere for sale other than a dealership who is looking for $15000, if not more The average 10-year-old workhorse would 250000 miles will sell for $5000 in today's market. So don't throw any offers if you don't have $9000. Cash, this is not the truck for you. Not being rude, just being real

So let me start out with the negatives. This way, you don't have to read anything after that, if the negative stuff makes you uninteresting, the front driver's tire means a new stem, it doesn't hold air for more than About a day, the driver's side and cap plastic part of the radiator under the top hole has a small pinhole and very minor cosmetics on the front Fender that you can see in the pictures other than that, this is 1 bad a☆☆ awesome trunk

Factory options are obviously 5.7. Honey. Automatic 2 wheel drikeyless, entry power windows power door locks. Power mirrors cruise control till real. Yes, it has ice cold air conditioning interior is very clean Ford's age, the interior is a 10 out of 10 no rips in the upholstering seats, carpets or headliner. No sagging in the headliner, not a single crack in the dashboard or door panels. No major stains or funky others. The inside is super super clean for a truck this old.

Has a touchscreen stereo with full sound system and back up. Cam, I don't know how it all works. But my neighbor who has all the trucks since 2018, says it sounds amazing and he had all the work including the sound system done by a professional shop and we have receipts for a lot of The Work

Has a professionally installed lowering kit dropped a couple of inches. All the way around has 22 inch wheels with decent tires, has A K and N and cold their intake system. Custom dual exhaust Linux, spraying bedliner, tinted windows, a little bit of carbon fiber trim on the roof and front bumper pink under the trim is perfect. It was put on to protect the paint So underneath the carbon fiber wrap that's on the roof the paint is perfect has an aftermarket sportier, looking bumper headlights and taillights, the pictures speak to themselves

One good thing about the truck. It has never been power programmed. Or Dino 2, so it's set to factory running options. No super chip programmer or anything like that and it still gets up and moves definitely plenty of wiggle room. For more customization or taking the truck back to stock, these short bed single cab pickups are not hard. To work on Arlington, they're very popular. The craze for the short bed. Single cab with a big engine is back, especially since Ford released. The 5.0 super charged pickup truck. Everybody wants a short bed with A V8

It's been a Florida truck. It's whole life. My neighbor has owned it since 60000 miles and well taking care of the truck. It has been a Florida truck. It's entire life. It has no rust or rock anywhere. It's never been in any accidents

The title is cleaning clear. No reconstructions, no rebuilds, no salvages. No floods no lean holders never affected by hurricane Ian and I will reiterate. It is a private party sale. This is not a flipper truck. A wholesale truck, a dealer truck, not an auction vehicle. The original owner traded into a dealership. And then my neighbor bought it back in 2018 and who's it ever since put roughly about 60000 miles on it? In 6 years, which is about 10000 miles a year way below average having a company worktruck, and a brand new dodran. He doesn't have any time to drive this truck and enjoy it anymore and doesn't have time to show it to the next potential owner which is why he has me selling it for him. I myself own a paving company and from time to time when work is slow, I flip a truck or 2. So him knowing that he asked me to sell it for him

I took a look around and the most recent ones sold from a buy here, pay here dealership in North Fort Myers with a 170000 miles nowhere near as nice as this truck and they sold it after about a week of advertisem*nt and it went for $16000

The only other short bit single cab 5.7 H, currently for sale in the Lee County area is a base model short bed worktruck. No power options has a lot of rack on it and a blown engine, and he's asking $6500 firm so to get a running hemi with low. Mileage for the age with all the upgrades. Cold AC that looks as sharp and hot as this truck for $9000. It's pretty much a giveaway, especially with a $14000 Kelly blue book. So, even if you're someone who flips trucks has a small dealership or is looking to resell it, there's plenty of room on the bone to make some money on it, or you can make this your next toy. Doesn't matter to us, we just need $9000 cash out of it and again. It is absolutely firm and no trading

Sirius, cash buyers can call me at show contact info. No texting, no emails and when I say serious. I mean, you can call me and ask any questions that maybe you might have or I possibly did not answer.
And after that, you can come to my home, take a look at it and take it for a spin around the block. But if you don't have $9000 cash to spend, don't waste your time, it's too hot outside for that, not trying to be rude or obnoxious, just. Looking for a quick simple cash Sale

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    2013 Ram 1500 hemi short bed diesel for sale by owner - Fort Myers, FL - craigslist (2024)
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